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"He's a softly spoken tiger
in a sea of pussycats"


This website is a collection of my digital photos from 2000-2005, along with a few scanned ones from even earlier.

I started using Flickr in 2004, and my subsequent photos ended up being posted there from 2005 under the pseudonym lonelyradio.

A few years later I started experimenting with Instagram, and you can find me there as cos for mobile photos, and nonphoneography for photos from other cameras.

Other places you might find photos from me include:

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featured local photo

Location : The Victoria Star (a boat)

Date : 2002-12-22

Band : Architecture in Helsinki

enter the rest of elsewhere...

The photos herein were probably taken with either a Kodak DC-240, a Canon PowerShot G2, a Canon IXUS 400 or a Canon EOS 20D (the latter with various inexpensive lenses).

If you'd like to copy these pictures for something or other, please ask. I won't bite.